I personally couldn’t be more against jumping on the “New-Year’s Resolution” bandwagon. All the goal-setting, foregoing of the things I love and trying to pep talk myself into getting through just one more day without cracking…

I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

But, from a professional standpoint I believe it's necessary to set new goals and make new resolutions for the year ahead.

And this year, we’ve found the perfect bandwagon to jump on; one that’s based on cold-hard facts, trending data and overwhelming consumer support.

It’s social video.

I know, I know; you might be thinking that’s not exactly the most groundbreaking marketing epiphany...but stick with me.

Social video became a prevalent new buzz-phrase last year with the rollout of livestreaming platforms like Periscope and Meerkat, and significant growth in platforms like Snapchat. But few people truly understand how GIGANTIC social video is going to get this year.

All Roads Point to Social Video...

At the same time, we saw changes in our social platforms, as more and more began to introduce native video features.

Coincidence? I think not…

We saw the rollout of Periscope, the brief hype that surrounded Meerkat, Facebook’s jump into the native video game, Snapchat’s continued growth, and Twitter’s recent foray into autoplaying Periscope videos in its mobile app.

In as little as a year, the distribution of video views has shifted dramatically, with current stats looking something like this:

(source: Edelman)

Why Marketers Should Care…

  1. We need to start rethinking our video strategies and which platforms to focus on. YouTube has long been the king of video advertising, but that crown has clearly been knocked clean-off by Facebook. With 8 billion video views per day reported in 2015, Facebook will certainly surpass YouTube for daily video views this year.  And with campaigns yielding video views for less than 1 cent per view (yes this is something we’ve been able to do for some of our clients), it’s crazy how inexpensive it is for marketers to place a compelling brand message in front of their target audience. Couple that with their superb customer targeting and data reporting capabilities, Facebook is becoming the place to focus your video marketing efforts. 
  2. We can get up-close-and-personal; just the way our audience likes it. Personalized content is exploding, and with social platforms unveiling new video capabilities all the time, it’s never been easier to point, shoot and post a personalized video to our audiences in seconds. In fact, videos with personalized elements increase viewer engagement time and conversions by up to 40%! All of which provides opportunities for customer engagement like we’ve never seen before.

  3. With new capabilities constantly being added, we can expect at least a few new ways for us to reach our audiences in 2016. The possibilities are endless, and it's going to be the creative, agile teams who take advantage of these new avenues, that win the social video game. Now is a great time to examine our team structures to add/shuffle resources in ways that allow us to fully participate in this new arena.

Bottom line: video is an inherently mobile medium, and it always will be. So when our audiences want their information faster, in shorter, more entertaining formats, and with just the right hint of personalization, only video can provide it all. So, how will your team add social video to your strategy this year?


Danelle is the Client Services & Marketing Coordinator at Amplomedia. 

Amplomedia, an innovative digital marketing agency that specializes in motion graphic video production.