When we were looking for your second Keynote Speaker, we wanted someone that would be able to bridge the gap between traditional and social. Someone who has lived in both worlds and someone who understands that social is one heck-of-a tool... when used appropriately. 

We are so pleased to announce to you your second iMEDIA Keynote Speaker, Carson McKee. Carson joins us with some pretty impressive big brand experience and will sharing his learning from working with these big brands in his iMEDIA Keynote. Without further ado...



Carson McKee is a digital leader, marketing consultant and speaker. Over the past 10+ years, Carson has worked with NFL Canada, Ford Canada, Denny's Canada, the Vancouver Canucks, Minnesota Wild, Mac's Convenience Stores and many other brands. Carson's work in the industry is often focused on marketing and advertising strategy, community management, social media marketing, helping clients reach new markets and success.

In 2015, Carson, along with business partner Luc Doucet, started GRIND Media, an agency focused on video production that straddles social media and content marketing. Carson is an outside the box thinker with demonstrated cliche worthy, "provide value" capabilities (with a strong sense of humour!),  gathered from a range of experience across different projects and industries.