Over the last couple of weeks, we've been working feverishly to finalize the iMEDIA Breakout Session schedule. We don't mean to be dramatic, but holy smokes, do we have a line up for you! 

Every iMEDIA attendee will have the opportunity to attend up to 5 unique Breakout Sessions (plus 2 Keynotes!) Given the number of options available to attendees, we thought it was only appropriate to help you wonderful folks choose the best sessions for your specific needs. Here's what we've done. 


This year, every single Breakout Session has been categories in two different ways: by experience level and by organization type. These are your categories:

Session Level: Beginner; Intermediate; Advanced
Session Geared Towards: Corporate; Small Business; Not-for-profit

This will help you choose which Breakout Sessions are best for you. There is nothing worse than sitting in a session and finding out it is way beyond your experience level or that all of the case studies are geared towards a large organization and you're a one-(wo)man show. 

iMEDIA Pro Tip! Even though the session may be geared towards one type of organization, if you're interested in the topic, register for that session! We just created these categories to help you narrow down your choices but everyone is welcome to attend all sessions!



We asked every iMEDIA Speaker to outline three key outcomes for their session. Again, this will give you a clear understanding of what the presenter plans to talk about, and ultimately if those "lessons" will help you move your digital strategy forward. 


When we say we have a line-up like never before, we mean it. We really pushed our speakers to bring forward digital topics that we've never explored at previous iMEDIA conferences. We'll be looking at everything from how to shoot a YouTube video, how to keep your visual brand on point (without bugging your graphic designer for every little piece of social content), advanced social analytics, and of course, we'll be talking content, content, content! If you haven't already looked at this year's sessions, now's your chance!