How many followers do you have on Facebook? On Instagram? On Twitter? Everyone wants that higher follower count, and those who say they don’t care are basically b.s.’ing you.

With fresh accounts it can be a daunting task gaining followers. Your measly 2-3 new followers a day can leave you dissatisfied and depressed with your social media game. It’s okay, we support you, don’t give in to the social media pressures of resorting to buy fans to get your numbers up, remember that old phrase applies to social networking: “Quality over quantity”.

Still think you want to see 20,000 fans vs 200 fans on your brand’s social media pages? Here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Money Wasted

Why are you investing your social media marketing budget into buying a number? The money you are spending could be used towards hiring a social media strategist to produce and source rad content that will gain you more followers organically. (When people use their budget towards useless crap like fake followers and ads that aren’t targeted correctly, but then aren’t willing to pay a social media professional for their time, really irks me! Get your priorities straight kthnx.)

2. Violation of Terms and Conditions

You probably need to add these to your reading list tonight:




3. Robots Rule Over Humans

So you’d rather have 20,000 robot followers instead of 200 REAL life people who are willing to engage and interact with your brand? Super cool, how’s that working out for you? How many clicks to your website are you getting from social? What’s your conversion rate from these 20,000 followers?

4. Losing the Trust of Your REAL Followers

A local Edmonton company was offering social media courses. I had never heard of this company before so I decided to do some creeping research. What did I learn? They had just under 200 tweets but over 14,000 followers. Something smelled… Fishy, like a can of rotten followers. Upon closer inspection it was quite obvious they had purchased followers.


How did I find out? I checked out their “Followers” tab and scrolled through them - Hint: look at all the profile pictures that are eggs and non-completed profile descriptions! It’s THAT easy for people find out if you bought followers or not.


5. Stinky Metrics

Why are you even on social media if you can’t track your genuine metrics and deliver to your fans what’s working for them? Buying followers and fans makes it super impossible to analyse your metrics. When’s the best time to post? You would have no clue as all your “fans” are from Russia and are bot accounts. Which piece of content is performing well? Who the hell knows, your “fans” aren’t liking or commenting on any of it.

Do the work of growing your fan base organically or you’ll turn out to be the next Mitt Romney a la 2012... You’ll thank a social media strategist later.

About Beverley: 


Beverley Theresa is your bubbly, unconventional social media addict. As a social media strategist at Top Draw, her journey in the world of social media has been wide and varied with many stops within the Edmonton social media industry. From serving as Community Manager of a local startup, mentoring at Ladies Learning Code, and being a committee member of WordPress Edmonton and Social Media Breakfast, Beverley is your brutally honest tour guide through the mysterious and growing territory that is ‘social media’. 

Beverley will be at iMEDIA facilitating an Advanced iMEDIA Breakout Session on using social media in crisis management situations.