Well, it's about time we introduce some of the incredible talent that will be headlining the 2016 iMEDIA Social Media Conference! 

One thing we know about the iMEDIA conference is that year after year, our iMEDIA-ers come back as more sophisticated social media marketers than they were the year before. Because of that, we feel a ton of pressure to make sure we're bringing in speakers to help stretch your understanding of the social media landscape. 

For the upcoming iMEDIA conference, we wanted to bring in someone who was full of energy and knew the industry inside and out. Who better to come in and educate our iMEDIA-ers than someone who has worked alongside internationally recognized brands (have any of you heard of the company called, Pepsi?) and someone who, unquestionably, knows their stuff. 


Casie has made a name her herself as a leader and innovator in the digital space, capturing the attention of The Wall Street Journal, Marketing Magazine, and BNN. She brings an exuberant, contagious and positive energy to the world through her work both online and off. She’s worked as an influencer, spokesperson and consultant for some of the worlds leading brands including Canon, Converse, Puma, Pepsi, Ted Baker, Virgin America and more.


Documenting her life since 2005 via her blog ‘This is my Life,’ Casie’s been at the forefront of lifestyle blogging. It’s growth in popularity has inspired brands to connect and partner with her to offer new creative content for their audiences. Casie’s crafted a highly respected and authentic online voice alongside her personal brand.

In 2009 Casie helped found GenY-TO, a group for creative and ambitious young people in the Toronto startup, marketing, PR and tech community. The group has helped foster collaboration within communities around the world, spread the values of  GenY to young professionals everywhere,  exact positive changes in communities and change preconceived notions about GenY.

In 2010 Casie acted as the Social media butterfly for MuchMusic, MuchMore, and MTV. She communicated to the audiences about all the exciting shows, special events and contests happening at the networks.

Casie has hosted on Coral TV, Canada’s top YouTube channel for women. She hosted ‘THIS: The Hot Internet Show‘ where she covered all things social, media and mobile around the web.

By day, Casie works at 1188 Films Inc. The rest of the time she is an adventure capitalist sharing her life and inspirations with the world.