I think it's safe to say, over the years, we've all received some kind of social media advice. 

At one of the very first social media seminars I had ever attended, the wonderful (and incredibly knowledgable) Mr. Adam Rozenhart shared something with those in attendance that I still share with people to this day. 

If you're using social media to make money, you're doing it wrong.

When he said that, I whipped my head up from my phone with pure confusion. "What the heck is this guy talking about?! Isn't that why everyone is here... to learn how they can make some coin through social media?" 

As Adam continued through his talk, it became quite apparent to me what he actually meant by this statement. Social media isn't about making a penny today, but rather about making a nickel tomorrow and there are a few key elements that ultimately help us achieve that outcome.

Everything we do on social media should root back to 1.) being authentic & transparent and 2.) engaging our audience. If we are able to achieve those elements (and produce really damn good content) our audience will form organically. 

Everything we do on social media comes back to building a relationship with our audience. 

The benefit of this approach is that whenever we are ready to "sell" something, our audience will already trust us and be more likely to purchase our product/service offering. 

This brings us to our question of the day: what social media advice would you like to share with the world? Fill out the form below and let us know and your tip could be featured on the iMEDIA Social Media Conference social channels! 

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