This guest blog post has been provided by the team at Bluetrain. Thank you to Shannon and Diana for providing us with this little gem! 


For the last 2 years Bluetrain has enjoyed participating in iMEDIA Social Media Conference and this year will be no exception! Today I [Shannon Young] chatted with Diana Gaviria, Bluetrain’s Content Marketing Specialist, to ask her about what she’s most looking forward to at this year’s iMEDIA conference.  

Shannon: What are you most excited about for iMEDIA 2016?

Diana: I’m really curious to see what this year’s trending topics will be and obviously I can’t wait to hear from the keynote speakers. Last year’s keynote speakers were fascinating to hear.

S: What are some topics that you are hoping to discuss with other conference attendees?

D: I’m hoping to talk about influencer outreach and how to effectively do that on both a local and national level.

S: What are some of your best memories from past iMEDIA conferences?

D: One of my best memories was from iMEDIA 2014 was when I had the opportunity to listen to Kendall Barber, one of the co-founders of Poppy Barley, speak about her personal experience starting Poppy Barley, her perspectives on branding, and being a female entrepreneur in Alberta. The whole presentation was really inspirational.

S: What are you hoping to take away from the conference?

D: Well meeting new people is always fun, especially when you have a common interest like social media! I also love learning about how different organizations approach social media as you get to hear firsthand what worked and what didn’t.

S: Describe iMEDIA in three words.

D: So many words come to mind, but I would have to say: ideas, community, and fun

S: If someone was on the fence about attending the conference what would you tell them?

D: I would tell them that it is a great event to go to if they are interested in meeting fellow social media enthusiasts and want to increase their understanding of social media in a fun, friendly setting.