The Conference

About iMEDIA


The Conference

About iMEDIA


imedia isn't your typical conference. 

We don’t spend days talking about theory & in-a picture-perfect-world “stuff.” iMEDIA cuts out the BS & gives attendees a no-fluff approach to social media marketing (& some other up and coming digital media applications as well!)

Over the course of the iMEDIA Weekend, attendees will receive interactive, practical learning opportunties with industry pros, plenty of chances to network with their peers, & most importantly, that little extra umph  to take their social media initiatives up a notch.

iMEDIA is all about giving you the resources you need to walk away feeling equipped, energized and ready to hit the ground running.


iMEDIA will take place over two days, March 11 & 12th, 2016. After last year's conference, we received feedback that you folks wanted even more networking opportunities. Your wish is our command! 

iMEDIA Weekend will now offer a Friday Night Keynote address with a networking event to follow. This event will be open to the public so that even more of you can opt in to "get your learn on."

The Saturday will still be a full day of social media learning with the conference schedule featuring Keynote speakers, 15+ Breakout Sessions, and you guessed it, networking time! Because we bring together such an amazing group of like-minded individuals (and surprise, they're all interested in learning about digital media, just like you!) it's expected that your learning and networking will overlap. 

All iMEDIA registrants will be given the opportunity to select their iMEDIA 2016 Breakout Sessions in February 2016. 


Well, let's make this simple for you. Whether you're interested in social media, hoping to up your SEO game, or managing all of the social media accounts for a (or your!) company, iMEDIA is for you. If you're in business development at a not-for-profit, sitting at the decision making table in a tower downtown, or running an e-commerce business out of your basement, there is something for you at the iMEDIA conference. 

Here are some of the roles held by past iMEDIA attendees. 


what kind of breakout sessions will be featured?

Being that the social media waters are constantly moving, we like to make sure that we're covering the most current and up-to-date information. This means that we're adding to our Breakout Session lineup until the month before the conference. Here are some (emphasis on the some) of the sessions that we've held at past conferences to give you an idea of the versatility of our sessions. 

stat 92 would attend 2.jpg
  • I love analytics & so should you! A beginners guide to Google Analytics
  • Developing and managing a social media campaign
  • The technical ins and outs of starting your very own podcast
  • Social media strategies for not-for-profits
  • How do I newsletter?
  • Building a social brand
  • Social media policies
  • Content hacking. A super-fast strategy to meet your marketing goals

We already have an incredible Breakout Session line-up announced for the 2016 conference (and will be announcing more sessions in the upcoming weeks!) Check them out! 


The Venue

conference venue

The Venue

conference venue


we <3 our home at macewan.

The iMEDIA Social Media Conference is hosted at the Robbins Health Learning Centre at MacEwan University in downtown Edmonton, Alberta. The beautiful, modern space with the bustling downtown backdrop provides the perfect learning space for our iMEDIA-ers. The conference will be hosted on the main and second floor of the Robbins Health Learning Centre.


Being that our venue is in downtown Edmonton, of course there are plenty of public transportation options available to our iMEDIA-ers however there is also plenty of parking available on campus. This includes an underground parkade in the same building the conference is hosted in.

The conference will be held in the Robbins Health Learning Centre which is location 3 on the parking map. 


To plan your trip with public transportation, visit the ETS Trip Planner or explore the MacEwan University parking options with this map. 







Need a place to lay your head?
We've got your back (literally!)

When we say that the iMEDIA weekend is jam-packed, we mean it. 

So, we asked our good friends at the Matrix Hotel if they could hook our iMEDIA-ers up for the iMEDIA weekend, and of course, they delivered. As our Host Hotel, the Matrix Hotel is offering a special rate to all iMEDIA-ers during the iMEDIA weekend.

about the matrix

Located in the downtown core (only a 5-minute drive from our iMEDIA conference venue!) the Matrix Hotel offers beautiful, modern rooms, complimentary parking (yes, free parking in downtown Edmonton!), complimentary breakfast, and the most important thing of all... FREE WIFI in all guest rooms! 

Have any questions about your booking? Contact us with your inquiry! 







you've got some questions, don't you?

If you've found yourself on this page, chances are that you have some questions about why you should attend or maybe you're wondering why you should send your employee to the conference.

Let us help you answer some of those questions for you. 

why should you attend imedia? 

  • It'll get you up to speed. Don't worry. We get it. We're in the digital trenches too! Social media is changing each and every day. Heck, something has probably changed since you've started reading this page! iMEDIA is a 2-day conference dedicated entirely to cut the BS and give you every opportunity you need to get up to speed with the latest developments in social media. 
  • We have a wide array of Breakout Sessions. This means that you WILL be able to find sessions that meet your level of social media literacy AND sessions that will help move your digital strategy forward. 
  • Our speakers know their stuff. We take our speaker selection process very seriously. We work with them to make sure you're getting the best content possible and one of the ways we are able to ensure that this happens is by inviting speakers who are working in digital marketing day in and day out. These aren't people who know who only the theory, they know how this stuff works in the real-world so you won't have to worry about them singing a song that is good "in theory." 
  • You'll be in good company. Our iMEDIA-ers are good people. We have everyone from VPs of Marketing or Social Media Community Managers join us at iMEDIA. We promise that you'll be surrounded by like-minded people are interested in learning about digital media... just like you!
  • 92% of iMEDIA-ers would recommend the conference to a friend or colleague. Need we say more? 

Need some help convincing your manager to send you to iMEDIA? DOWNLOAD AND FILL OUT THIS LETTER AND SEND IT THEIR WAY. THEY WON'T BE ABLE TO SAY NO!  


  • We don't waste any time. We know company time is valuable so when we design iMEDIA, our number one priority is to shave the fluff and give your employees with the bones, the meat AND the potatoes. 
  • Get exclusive access to industry professionals. We bring in the big-dogs for iMEDIA. Your employee will get to spend the day questioning and learning from digital media professionals. 
  • The value for a conference pass is incredible. For 2 days of learning and networking (not to mention meals and post-event access to iMEDIA content) the iMEDIA Full Access Pass is ONLY $250 + gst. Where else can you attend a 2-day conference for $250? 
  • You'll see the ROI of their attendance immediately. Bold statement, yes, but we have such confidence in the caliber of sessions offered at iMEDIA that we know your employee will be given the tools to positively influence your digital strategy the minute they log back into your online profiles.
  • You should come too! iMEDIA isn't only for people who are implementation mode, we also have many Executives and Managers attend the conference as well! Imagine how happy it would make your employee to see you sitting right along side of them at the conference. Not only does it demonstrate your commitment to the work they do but it'll help move your conversations forward when needing to make decisions about your online presence. 

have more questions about your employee attending the iMEDIA social media conference?